Living Hope Family,

Our leadership team cast the vision for the repurposing of our vacant 12,000 square ft building back in 2019. Despite being delayed by the pandemic, we have been able to raise over $400,000 towards this project through your generous giving. As a leadership team we are even more convinced that we need to move forward with our plans to rehab this building for the purpose of restoring our community to Jesus Christ.

This opportunity is great but the need to connect people to Jesus Christ is even greater. I hope you will join us on this journey of faith by praying and giving to this important project.

Let’s Build, Grow and Engage with what God has given us to do.

~Pastor Al

The Plan

Existing 12,000 Square Ft. Building

Rendering of Proposed Building

  • Multipurpose Athletic Space
  • Central Meeting Space
  • Café Space – with seating
  • Large Classroom
  • Kitchen

Where We Are Today


  • Commit to praying for the fulfillment of this vision as we seek to follow God’s direction.​
  • Pray about what God might be calling you to do as we move together to accomplish the mission of Jesus Christ through Living Hope.
  • Prayerfully consider making a pledge towards the Build, Grow, Engage project over and above your regular giving to help us meet our goal of $550,000.
  • Along the way celebrate with us as we report on what God is doing and going to do through the sacrificial giving of His servants at Living Hope.
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